Is your coffee pot impossible to clean? Are your shower doors always hazy? Is your hot water heater, dishwasher or washing machine not functioning optimally? You have hard water scale.

Hard water scale can lead to increased costs for energy, water, maintenance and equipment down-time or replacement. Scaltrol systems treat hard water scale with minimal investment and simple installation.

Which Scaltrol hard water treatment system is right for you?

  • Choose the SC-50 or the SC-100, depending on your average water usage.
  • For the typical household that uses 50,000 gallons of water per year, the SC-50 is the right choice. (Buying the SC-100 is more economical and reduces the frequency of replacing the cartridge).
  • If your water consumption is higher, choose the SC-100.
  • Both units provide hard water solutions for your whole house. They are easily fitted to your cold-water lines to protect against mineral scale and staining.

Controlling Hard Water Scale

Scaltrol’s water scale solutions were designed to control mineral scale from water sources that cause corrosion and decrease the efficiency of your appliances and plumbing.

Without a preventative scale control solution, your appliances eventually become clogged with scale buildup – sometimes past the point of fixing.

Since most water sources are saturated with large amounts of minerals, including calcium carbonate (lime scale), calcium sulfate, iron, and manganese, the Scaltrol units are installed at the water supply.

The concentration of minerals depends on your environment, based on rock formation, pH level, oxygen content, and temperature. Any increase or decrease in temperature can cause minerals to precipitate (i.e., form scale).

Preventing scale formation

To counteract mineral build-up, Scaltrol scale control units dispense a measured amount of polyphosphate which deposits a microscopic film to all surfaces.

The mineral molecules, which have a positive charge, are then attracted to – and held in suspension by – the negative charge of the polyphosphate, which acts as a sequestrant. Since the mineral molecules are no longer able to bind together, scale cannot form.


Fight Scale & Save Money

Scaltrol’s hard water solutions help commercial and residential customers beat scale build-up, saving them from costly down time and expensive maintenance repairs. We help you win against hard water problems: scale buildup on plumbing fixtures, dishwashers, ice machines and heating elements.

Protect Your Equipment

With Scaltrol’s water treatment systems, you protect your investment in expensive plumbing, appliances and equipment. Scaltrol scale control systems meet NSF 60 (National Sanitation Foundation) standards for drinking water. Our Money Back Guarantee gives you additional peace of mind.

Cutting edge technology

Our patented technology is not a traditional water filter that uses salt and takes up loads of space. With the small, easy to install Scaltrol scale treatment system, there are no moving parts and no costly circuitry. Learn more about our science.