About Hard Water Scale

Why would I need a hard water treatment system?

Most water sources are saturated with large amounts of minerals, including calcium carbonate (lime scale), calcium sulfate, iron, and manganese. If this water is untreated these minerals will accumulate and clog pipes, plumbing fixtures, water heaters and all appliances which use water.

What is hard water scale?

Hard water scale is that white, crusty mineral deposit that clogs up your plumbing fixtures, water heaters, humidifiers, ice makers, dishwashers and washing machines.

Where does hard water exist?

85% of the United States experience hard water.

How do I know if I have hard water?

  • Limescale buildup (white, crusty) on faucets, showerheads, bathtubs, shower doors, sinks and toilets
  • Soap scum buildup on fixtures
  • Spots on clean dishes
  • Low water flow due to clogged pipes
  • Hot water heater elements burn out quickly
  • Appliances wear out quickly

What is the result of scale buildup?

Increased costs for energy, water, maintenance and equipment down-time or replacement.

Under what conditions does scaling take place?

In any application where water is heated or cooled or water is moving, scale buildup is a potential problem, at any hardness level. Scale will build faster in hard water areas.

Why is a hard water treatment system better for me than a water filtration system?

Calcium is the mineral that causes hard water. Calcium in water is beneficial in ways such as your health and making soaps perform better. However, hard water also causes mineral scale buildup which can clog pipes and damage plumbing fixtures and appliances. Water filtration systems remove the minerals from water making the water corrosive. Scaltrol water treatment solutions suspend the minerals in the water so they won’t attached to pipes and appliances. Scaltrol solves the problems associated with hard water while maintaining the benefits.

Benefits of a Scale Removal System

What are the benefits of using the Scaltrol Scale Control system?

Reduced water and energy costs, increased equipment performance, reduced equipment maintenance, downtime and/or replacement.

Will this save me money?

Yes, Scaltrol will save you money on maintenance and cleaning supplies as well as downtime, maintenance, repair and replacement of appliances and commercial equipment.

Is a hard water treatment system more economical than a water filtration system?

Scaltrol is considerably less expensive than most traditional water softener systems. It is easier to install, requires less space and is much easier to maintain while providing a whole house water treatment. All you need to do is occasionally change the cartridge.

Why are Scaltrol systems better than others?

Scaltrol provides an excellent and safe solution to hard water problems in an economical and easy to install and maintain system. With our patented venturi-feed system and proprietary compound you get consistent protection against mineral scale buildup.

Will Scaltrol remove existing scale buildup?

Yes, over time Scaltrol will descale any existing mineral scale build up inside pipes, appliances and equipment and on plumbing fixtures.

Will my appliances last longer?

Yes, Scaltrol will help your appliances and equipment last longer and require less maintenance due to reduced mineral scale buildup.

Will my plumbing costs be reduced over time?

Scaltrol will prevent the pipes in your home from clogging with mineral scale buildup which results in costly plumbing repairs. Scaltrol also protects the inner workings of your appliances and equipment.

Will this reduce cleaning time in my kitchen and bathrooms?

Yes, Scaltrol will reduce mineral scale buildup and soap scum buildup on kitchen and bathroom surfaces and plumbing fixtures like faucets, shower heads, shower doors, bathtubs and toilets.

What about the impact on energy costs?

As little as 1/8” of scale buildup can increase the energy consumption by up to 39%. If you consider the cost to heat water, these added energy costs for scale can more than pay for the cost of the Scaltrol system in just a few short months. When you factor in the cost of new plumbing, appliances, equipment and the frantic downtime involved, the economics keep getting better and better!

How does scale affect dish washers and dish machines?

Scale buildup in the final rinse causes clogged solenoid valves, water leaks and clogged rinse arms which affects results.

How does scale affect the heating elements in booster heaters and steamers?

Reduced effectiveness or burn out of heating elements. This can happen in a few short months.

How does scale form in ice machines and what is the effect?

Minerals become concentrated in the sump, eventually exceeding the water saturation point. This leads to scale buildup problems on the inlet side, restricting water flow for defrosting or keeping coils clean. This causes ice buildup on the coils.

Can all water to the steamer be conditioned?

Yes. This makes it easier to install. You don’t have to distinguish between the cooling water and the boiler water.

Will my water taste better?

Scale reduction has no effect on the taste of the treated water.

How the Scaltrol System Works

What does the Scaltrol system do?

The Scaltrol system prevents the buildup of scale in your home plumbing and appliances and in equipment such as boilers, booster heaters, hot water heaters, steamers and ice machines. It will even begin to remove accumulated scale buildup, given enough time. It can be used in both cold water and hot water applications.

How do our hard water treatment systems work?

To counteract mineral build-up, the Scaltrol system’s patented head dispenses a measured amount of the Scaltrol proprietary compound (polyphosphate) which deposits a microscopic film to all surfaces. The mineral molecules, which have a positive charge, are then attracted to – and held in suspension by – the negative charge of the polyphosphate, which acts as a sequestrant. Since the mineral molecules are no longer able to bind together, scale cannot form.

The compound is safe and certified under NSF Standard 60. With the Scaltrol system, there are no moving parts and no costly circuitry.

What are the benefits of using the Scaltrol Scale Control system?

Reduced water and energy costs, increased equipment performance, reduced equipment maintenance, downtime and/or replacement.

What do the product names refer to?

The SC models are for cold water applications using a clear sump. The HSC models are for hot water applications and use a high-pressure composite sump. The SC-50 and HSC-50 models treat approximately 50,000 gallons of water before the cartridge needs to be replaced. The SC-100 and HSC-100 treats approximately 100,000 gallons of water. The SC-500 treats approximately 500,000 gallons of water.

Where can I find more information about installation and filters?

Read our Installation + Maintenance FAQs below or visit our Installation & Maintenance page for detailed downloadable instructions.

Installation & Maintenance

Where should the Scaltrol systems be installed?

For residential customers install the Scaltrol system onto the main water line coming into your house to protect all your plumbing and appliances. For commercial customers install the Scaltrol system onto the water lines leading to boilers, steamers, booster heaters and ice machines or any other application experiencing scale buildup problems.

What is the installation process?

Simply shut off the main water supply to your house or equipment, plumb the Scaltrol system into the main water supply using a shutoff valve before and after the Scaltrol system so you can temporarily shut off the water when you need to change the cartridge and turn the main water supply back on. You’re all set and protected against mineral scale buildup!!!

How long does a cartridge typically last?

The SC-50 and HSC-50 systems will treat approximately 50,000 gallons of water used before the cartridge (RSC-50) is replaced. The SC-100 and HSC-100 systems will treat approximately 100,000 gallons of water used before the cartridge (RSC-100) is replaced. The SC-500 system will treat approximately 500,000 gallons of water used before the cartridge (RSC-500) is replaced.

How do I know when to replace a cartridge?

The cartridge should be replaced when the Scaltrol compound reaches the bottom cap of the cartridge. On the SC-50 and SC-100 simply look through the clear sump to check the cartridge compound level. On the HSC-50, HSC-100 and SC-500 you must remove the sump to check the compound level.

How do I replace a cartridge?

Simply shut off the water supply to the Scaltrol system using the shut off valves and unscrew the sump using the attached sump wrench. On the SC-50, SC-100, HSC-50 and HSC-100 remove the old cartridge from the sump, install the new cartridge into the sump (remove the orange moisture cap on the new cartridge), replace the yellow O-ring with the new O-ring provided with the new cartridge and reinstall the sump and cartridge back on the Scaltrol head using the wrench. On the SC-500 you will replace the whole sump and O-ring with the new sump (containing the Scaltrol compound) and O-ring.

Turn on the shut off valves and you’re all done!!

Learn more about Installation + Maintenance and get detailed downloadable instructions.