Every Scaltrol hard water filter is manufactured in the US and inspected for quality at our headquarters in Georgia. That’s why respected businesses and homeowners have trusted Scaltrol’s water treatment solutions since 1998.

We are proud to serve:

  • McDonalds
  • Whole Foods
  • Panthers Stadium
  • Alkota Cleaning Systems
  • Jackson Dishmachines

Hospitals, school districts, colleges and universities, bakeries, correctional institutions, farms and electric co-ops also trust our hard water filter for scale control.

Scaltrol differences

Scaltrol’s patented venturi dispensing head is unique in its ability to allow a consistent feed rate of polyphosphate.

Competitors’ water treatment solutions, without our patented head, have inconsistent feed rates, so their ability to control scale is diminished.

In addition, our proprietary NSF60-certified blended sequestrant (i.e., our precise polyphosphate compound blend) prevents red water (from iron), black water (from manganese), scale formation (from calcium), and corrosion in all applications. Our proprietary compound also performs better at higher temperatures than our competitions’ compounds.

How does a superior hard water scale control system improve your bottom line? As little as 1/8” of scale on a heating element can decrease its efficiency and even raise your energy bills by up to 39%.

In fact, equipment manufacturers report that 80% of all service calls are a result of hard water problems.