Salt-free hard water solutions for residential, commercial and food service


Fight scale & win

Scaltrol’s hard water solutions help commercial and residential customers beat scale build-up, saving them from costly down time and expensive maintenance repairs. We help you win against hard water problems: scale buildup on plumbing fixtures, dishwashers, ice machines, and heating elements.

Protect your equipment

With Scaltrol’s water treatment systems, you protect your investment in expensive equipment. Scaltrol scale control systems units meet NSF 60 (National Sanitation Foundation) standards for drinking water. Our Money Back Guarantee gives you additional peace of mind.

Easy to install & maintain

Each Scaltrol scale control systems unit takes only about 30 minutes to plumb into the main water line. It’s a simple process, because our our hard water treatment system is non-electrical, non-magnetic and non-mechanical. With minimal routine maintenance, you can keep your Scaltrol unit operating problem-free for years.



Scaltrol protection is unmatched, with hard water solutions for home and business:

Dish Machines

Showers, Bathtubs & Toilets

Pressure Washers

Water Heaters

Ice Makers

Medical Sterilization

Laundry Machines


Schools & Small Buildings


“I watched Scaltrol go thru their initial testing period before it was introduced to the industry. The tests conducted on the boilers at Georgia State University were absolutely incredible and I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes. Every specification that I write for a combi, dishmachine, steamer, booster or ice machine has a Scaltrol unit included. The initial cost of the unit is very affordable and the results speak for themselves. I am an ardent supporter of this product because it works.”
Reggie Daniel, FCSI, CHM, MCFE
Director of Design, Camacho


“We have very hard water that comes from a hillside spring. It’s so hard that we couldn’t even keep an automatic dishwasher in our house. Then we installed a Scaltrol SC-100 water treatment unit. It did a great job.”Bob Muller, Delanson, NY


“We have had our new home only about five years and already hard water was taking its toll on our appliances. In just a couple of weeks, from installing the Scaltrol, the deposits and stains began to disappear.” Mike and Mary F., Gallupville, NY


“I had the Scaltrol installed back in 1999 and wouldn’t be without it. We can tell just from our dishes if the cartridge is out and needs to be changed. I recommend this product to everyone.” Dr. C. Joseph Waring, Quaker Street, NY