85% of the US has hard water

Our Water Treatment Systems Fix Hard Water Scale

Scaltrol systems treat and prevent hard water scale in residential, commercial and food service applications with minimal investment and simple installation.

How do I know if I have hard water scale?

  • Crusty, white limescale buildup on faucets, showerheads, bathtubs, shower doors, sinks and toilets
  • Soap scum buildup on fixtures
  • Spots on clean dishes
  • Low water flow due to clogged pipes
  • Hot water heater elements burn out quickly
  • Appliances wear out quickly
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Common Questions

How will I save money?
Scaltrol will save you money on maintenance and cleaning supplies as well as downtime, maintenance, repair and replacement of appliances and commercial equipment.
Is the installation easy?
The Scaltrol scale control system takes about 30 minutes for a professional plumber to install on the main water line.
Will Scaltrol remove existing scale buildup?
Yes, over time Scaltrol will descale any existing mineral scale build up inside pipes, appliances and equipment and on plumbing fixtures.
Why is this better than a salt-based filter?
It is more economical, easier to install, requires less space and is much easier to maintain while providing a whole house water treatment.
Will my equipment last longer?
Yes, Scaltrol will help your appliances and equipment last longer and require less maintenance due to reduced mineral scale buildup.
Do you have a warranty?
If your Scaltrol water treatment system fails to control scale buildup, you can return the unit for a refund.

Still have questions?

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Benefits of a Scaltrol Hard Water Treatment System

Fight Scale & Save Money

Scaltrol’s hard water solutions help commercial and residential customers beat scale build-up, saving them from costly down time and expensive maintenance repairs. We help you win against hard water problems: scale buildup on plumbing fixtures, dishwashers, ice machines and heating elements.

Protect Your Equipment

With Scaltrol’s water treatment systems, you protect your investment in expensive plumbing, appliances and equipment. Scaltrol scale control systems meet NSF 60 (National Sanitation Foundation) standards for drinking water. Our Money Back Guarantee gives you additional peace of mind.

Cutting edge technology

Our patented technology is not a traditional water filter that uses salt and takes up loads of space. With the small, easy to install Scaltrol scale treatment system, there are no moving parts and no costly circuitry. Learn more about our science.

Applications for Hard Water Treatment Systems

Scaltrol protection is unmatched, with hard water solutions for home and business. Our systems are perfect for the following applications: