To ensure proper dispensing of the phosphate into the hard water treatment system:

  1. Install a shut-off valve in front and behind the Scaltrol unit.
  2. Prevent the unit and water line from freezing.
  3. Install the top of the unit in a horizontal position.

Installation layouts for Scaltrol complete units

Installation instructions for replacement cartridges

Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance requires only five to ten minutes of your time. Click here for Routine Maintenance Procedures.

Installation Example

Installation of SC-100 in a tight space. The original blue pipe was 8″ long — not allowing enough room to install the larger model SC-100 without running lines up to create more space. A shut-off valve was added before the unit. An additional shut-off valve is recommended after the unit but was omitted here because the installation is over a concrete floor and a little water spillage when changing the filter would not be problematic.